Earn2Trade is revolutionizing the future of trading education, offering aspiring traders the tools and knowledge to succeed. Founded in 2017 as a U.S.-based educational platform, it specializes in preparing individuals for success in futures trading, underscored by a strong positive reputation from testimonials and a seven-year track record of genuine brokerage partnerships . With over 1900 reviews and 700+ funded live accounts in 2023, Earn2Trade stands out as a leading platform that empowers traders to achieve professional status through high-level trading activities without personal financial risk .

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Earn2Trade stands out as a comprehensive educational trading platform dedicated to futures trading. Here’s an overview of what the platform offers:

  1. Educational Resources and Programs:
    • Earn2Trade provides a variety of educational materials tailored to different levels of traders, including a Beginner Crash Course, detailed webinars, and an informative blog.
    • Two main programs, the Trader Career Path and the Gauntlet Mini, offer structured learning and practice through virtual trading simulations.
  2. Evaluation and Trading Conditions:
    • Traders are required to demonstrate their trading proficiency by achieving specific goals under set rules to qualify for a funded account.
    • The platform offers diverse trading conditions, including different account types like Evaluation, Junior LiveSim, and up to Senior Live under the Trader Career Path, and varying capital allocations in the Gauntlet Mini from $25,000 to $150,000.
  3. Support and User Feedback:
    • Earn2Trade is praised for its excellent customer support, fair trading conditions, and timely profit payouts, reflecting a high user satisfaction with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars on TrustPilot.
    • It provides a comprehensive support structure including disclaimers, terms of use, and a detailed risk disclosure, ensuring transparency and reliability.

These features position Earn2Trade as a unique player among proprietary trading firms, offering both educational and practical trading experiences tailored to aspiring futures traders.

Key Features of Earn2Trade

Key Features of Earn2Trade

  1. Trading Platforms and Integration:
    • Earn2Trade supports integration with popular trading platforms like NinjaTrader, which is recommended for its free license during evaluations and LiveSim accounts.
    • Traders have the flexibility to use custom indicators, strategies, or even integrate automated trading systems via the firm’s API access.
  2. Educational and Supportive Resources:
    • Comprehensive educational offerings include video tutorials, webinars, and detailed trading courses that cover a range of topics from basic trading concepts to advanced strategies.
    • A vibrant trading community through forums, social media groups, and educational resources offers a platform for interaction and learning.
  3. Trading Conditions and Financial Aspects:
    • Various account types and trading instruments such as stocks, forex, cryptocurrencies, and futures are available, providing a broad spectrum for trading.
    • Earn2Trade offers a unique Trader Career Path program, allowing traders to start with smaller accounts and scale up based on performance, with an 80/20 profit split favoring the trader.
    • Withdrawal methods include wire transfer, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency, with conditions varying by account type and performance.

Earn2Trade’s Evaluation Process

Earn2Trade’s evaluation process is meticulously designed to assess a trader’s proficiency and readiness for a funded account. Here’s a detailed look at the steps involved:

  1. Initial Setup and Verification:
    • After enrolling in either the Trader Career Path® or Gauntlet Mini™, candidates begin by verifying their email and setting up their account through Earn2Trade’s dashboard.
    • Choices for data feed providers and commission schedules are selected, followed by receiving and logging in with data feed credentials to connect the Rithmic data feed to the trading platform.
  2. Evaluation and Screening:
    • Earn2Trade conducts periodic screenings to assess whether candidates have met the criteria of their respective programs, either the Trader Career Path® or The Gauntlet Mini™.
    • Successful candidates receive a certificate and have their results forwarded to proprietary trading partners, who then reach out to offer funding options on a Live or LiveSim® account.
  3. Final Steps and Funding:
    • Upon receiving an offer, candidates must sign the agreement and provide necessary documents for address and identity verification, which may require certified translations.
    • The setup concludes with the activation of the funded account, allowing traders to trade with the rules set by Earn2Trade and withdraw their share of the profits, adhering to an 80/20 profit split in favor of the trader.

Customer Experiences with Earn2Trade

Customer Experiences with Earn2Trade

  1. Overall Satisfaction and Support:
    • Earn2Trade boasts a high customer satisfaction rating with a 4.7 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot from over 2,030 reviews.
    • The platform is distinguished for its responsive customer service, with a commendable 97% response rate to negative reviews within a week, reflecting its commitment to user satisfaction.
  2. Community and Learning Support:
    • A vibrant trading community is supported through various channels including email, live chat, and telephone, alongside active engagement on social media and forums.
    • Educational webinars and forums are particularly highlighted by users for fostering a sense of community and enhancing the learning experience.
  3. Feedback on Services and Features:
    • Users frequently praise Earn2Trade for its structured challenges and clear, smooth process towards funding, which significantly contributes to their trading education and professional growth.
    • The platform’s efficiency in handling queries and providing timely profit payouts has also been positively reviewed, enhancing its reputation as a reliable trading education firm.

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Earn2Trade Reset Discount Code Insights

  • Current Offers and Discounts:
    • Earn2Trade provides a significant 70% discount for new clients who use a specific link to sign up.
    • The most beneficial coupon code currently is ‘keri‘, which grants an impressive 70% discount and has been utilized 494 times.
  • Variety of Coupon Codes:
    • Active codes include ‘keri‘ allowing a 50% discount and ‘keri‘ which offers an unspecified discount amount.
    • For those looking to explore further savings, there are expired or potentially still valid codes such as ‘50% off Subscriptions’, ‘40% off trading course’, ‘10% off at checkout’, ‘75% off’, and ‘50% off Tcp50’, which might still offer value if they are accepted upon checkout.
  • Fee Structure and Comparisons:
    • Earn2Trade not only offers discounts but also has a structured fee system to cover operational costs, which includes evaluation fees, trading commissions, profit splits, and withdrawal fees. This comprehensive pricing structure helps maintain the platform’s quality services and support.
    • For educational services, prices range from $150-$550, but a 50% discount can be applied using the coupon code ‘modestmoney’, making it a competitive option compared to other investment platforms.


Throughout this examination of Earn2Trade, it’s evident that the platform stands as a beacon for those aspiring to excel in futures trading, backed by a strong combination of educational resources, supportive trading conditions, and a transparent evaluation process. The synthesis of user testimonials, comprehensive educational content, and practical trading pathways illustrates not only the platform’s dedication to trader development but also its role in nurturing trading professionals. With its structured programs, such as the Trader Career Path and the Gauntlet Mini, Earn2Trade equips individuals with the knowledge and discipline required to navigate the futures market successfully.

The implications of Earn2Trade’s offerings reach far beyond individual success, potentially shaping the future landscape of trading education. As traders evolve through Earn2Trade’s curriculum and gain real-world experience via funded accounts, they contribute to a more informed and strategically minded trading community. This evolution underscores the importance of platforms like Earn2Trade in the broader financial ecosystem, offering a blueprint for how education and practice can merge to foster trading excellence. The positive reception from the trading community, evidenced by high satisfaction ratings and successful funding outcomes, signals Earn2Trade’s substantial impact on empowering traders towards achieving professional aspirations.


1. What are the monthly charges associated with Earn2Trade? Earn2Trade has several fees associated with its service. Professional traders are charged data fees of $135 per month per exchange. Non-professional traders are subject to a one-time setup fee of $139. Additionally, there is a withdrawal fee of $10, which is waived for withdrawals exceeding $500. Platform fees also apply and vary based on the chosen trading platform.

2. Can Just2Trade be considered a legitimate trading platform? Yes, Just2Trade is a legitimate trading platform. It is regulated by the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission (CySEC) in the European Union, ensuring compliance with regulatory standards and trader security.

3. Is it possible to trade forex through Earn2Trade? Earn2Trade does not offer Forex trading. However, traders can engage in trading all CME Futures assets, including CME, CBOT, NYMEX, and COMEX Futures, as well as Micros through the Trader Career Path® or Gauntlet Mini™ products.

4. Is Elite Trader Funding a legitimate company? Yes, Elite Trader Funding is a legitimate company. For any inquiries or further information, it is recommended to contact them through their website’s contact form.