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Prices Explained

Bulenox does something unique with their pricing I haven’t seen elsewhere in 2 ways:

  • a) Future months are cheaper – the 2 prices listed above are the 1st month followed by 2nd month onward price
  • b) you have 2 options when you sign up:
    • no scaling, but trailing draw down
    • scaling plan, but end of day draw down

Which of the 2 plans you choose from b above is up to you. I can’t say which is easier, better, etc. for you. It depends on how much you trade. Scaling plans can be annoying, but so can intraday trailing draw downs. In general no scaling and trailing draw down is more risky, but you can hit the goal easier if you play your cards right.

Software Available

Bulenox uses the standards of the funded futures trading programs by offering Rithmic as your data feed and account connection, and also provide NinjaTrader to use during the evaluation. From what I can tell, you also can continue using the free NinjaTrader license once funded.

You can also use multiple other platforms, but you will have to provide them yourself. There is an extensive list on their site in the help section. For example, I use Jigsaw Daytradr, and this is supported.

Evaluation Rules (called Qualification Account)

Below are the general rules. Be sure to read the specific rules on their site.

  • Trade 5 days
  • Don’t hit the maximum draw down
  • Trade in the approved hours of 5pm CST open and close positions by 3:59 pm CST
  • Don’t trade more contracts than allowed. 1 Mini = 10 Micros for Bulenox
  • Trade only approved products (standard with any company)

Funded Account Rules (called Master Account)

The rules are fairly standard. Trade as normal, don’t hit your draw down or daily loss limit. Note, I wasn’t able to clearly see that there is a daily loss limit. Usually there is but not always. The end of day draw down stops at the account initial balance.

For example, say you have a $50,000 account with a $2,500 trailing draw down. Once you pass $52,500, your draw down will stop at $50,000 and never go above it.

Funded Account Fees

Bulenox did away with a monthly ongoing fee in 2022 and instead established a one-time fee you pay once you pass. There is no additional fees beyond these:

  • $10,000 Account – $98
  • $25,000 Account – $143
  • $50,000 Account – $148
  • $100,000 Account – $248
  • $150,000 Account – $498
  • $250,000 Account – $898

Funded Account Withdraw Frequency & Methods

The first $10,000 is 100% the traders. Afterwards, a 90/10 split is on all profits thereafter.

  • Request payouts anytime, they are sent out weekly on Wednesdays
  • 1st withdraw can be requested after 10 trading days complete
  • As well all subsequent withdrawals can be requested after trading 10 more days
  • Withdraw methods: ACH, Zelle, Wire Transfer, PayPal, Payoneer

Pros of Bulenox

  • Allow Micro Bitcoin (MBT) – most companies do not allow micro crypto contracts
  • No consistency rule
  • Large selection of account sizes
  • First $10,000 is 100% yours
  • 90% is yours, a 90/10 split after the first 100% of the $10K
  • Multiple withdrawal methods
  • Low monthly fee once funded
  • Options 1 and 2 – select if you like a trailing drawdown or a static drawdown best

Cons of Bulenox

  • No real insight into the management team, not as transparent as other companies

Unique Standout Features

  • There’s plenty of pros with Bulenox
  • I personally like the multiple withdrawal methods
  • MBT Micro Bitcoin as an option – only company I’m aware of that offers this

means that the trader gets 90% of the profits and the prop firm keeps 10% of the profits to them.