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TakeProfitTrader emerges as a streamlined, no-nonsense funding company, offering traders a clear path to reach their full potential without the clutter of frills or gimmicks. Founded by James Sixsmith, a former professional hockey player turned trading professional, the platform is dedicated to empowering Futures Traders with the necessary education and capital.

This comprehensive guide will explore how TakeProfitTrader works, showcase its unique advantages, and share real success stories from traders. Furthermore, it will detail why choosing TakeProfitTrader over personal fund trading could be a game-changer for aspiring traders.

How TakeProfitTrader Works

TakeProfitTrader simplifies the journey to becoming a successful take profit trader by offering a structured yet flexible approach. Here’s how it works:

  1. Getting Started:
    • Choose your asset class.
    • Prove your trading skills.
    • Begin earning and withdraw profits.
    • Upgrade to PRO+ for more benefits.
  2. PRO Account Features:
    • Fee: A one-time fee of $130.
    • Support: 12 hours of live support daily.
    • Account Sizes: Options include $25k, $50k, $75k, $100k, and $150k.
    • Profit Sharing: An 80/20 profit split from day one.
    • Withdrawals: Immediate, with no maximum limit.
    • Resets: Up to 3 for PRO accounts.
  3. Key Differences:
    • Approval and Withdrawals: Faster approval and immediate withdrawals.
    • No Scaling Plan: Focus on straightforward earnings.
    • Resets: Up to 3 resets for flexibility.

This model stands out by offering immediate profit withdrawals and a clear, upfront fee structure, emphasizing TakeProfitTrader’s commitment to transparency and trader success.

The Advantages of Trading with TakeProfitTrader

Trading with TakeProfitTrader offers several compelling advantages over other companies, making it a preferred choice for traders aiming to maximize their earnings:

  • Rapid Progression and Access to Profits:
    • Number of Trading Days to “PRO Account”: Only 5 days with TakeProfitTrader compared to up to 60 days with other companies.
    • Minimum Days Until First Withdrawal: Immediate withdrawals are possible with TakeProfitTrader, while other companies may require 20-60 days.
    • Withdrawal Process: TakeProfitTrader ensures an immediate withdrawal process, unlike the drawn-out processes seen with other companies.
  • Flexible and Trader-Friendly Policies:
    • Contract Limits: TakeProfitTrader does not enforce a scaling plan on PRO Accounts, offering more freedom compared to other companies that do.
    • PRO Account Resets: Offers up to 3 resets, providing a safety net that is not available with other companies.
    • Fees for PRO Account: A reasonable one-time fee of $130 is required, as opposed to the monthly recurring fees charged by other companies.
  • Support and Capital Advantages:
    • Live Support: Available 12 hours/day, ensuring traders have access to assistance when needed, compared to the sporadic support offered by other platforms.
    • Capital: Providing traders with more capital than they might have on their own, leveling the playing field for all.
    • Risk of Loss: Trading with TakeProfitTrader limits losses to associated challenge fees, protecting traders from severe losses that can occur when trading with personal funds.

These features, combined with a profit-sharing structure designed to benefit the trader and outstanding customer service, underscore why TakeProfitTrader is an attractive option for traders looking to maximize their potential in the trading world.

Real Trader Testimonials and Success Stories

  • Kishore Kondepudi (US): Multiple successful funding rounds with TPT. Highlights include instant payouts and the capability to trade 3 Pro/Pro+ accounts simultaneously.
  • Dahrion Lavow Hutchinson (US): Commends the responsive customer service team, enhancing his trading experience with TPT.
  • Chris (Australia): Values the unique option to reset a funded account. Regards TPT as the most professional prop firm encountered.
  • Lesley-Anne Jones (Canada): Recently won a funded account and is eager to start. Applauds the customer service and the immediate funded account structure.
  • Kamal LATAI (Massachusetts): Shared a special opportunity to save Up To 60% at TPT with the code WIN70.
  • John Pedro (Germany): Appreciates TPT’s assistance with trading-related queries and anticipates future withdrawals.
  • RANDY FRIAS PERALTA (US): Passed the $150k account challenge in 6 trading days. Likes the ‘no spreads’ feature and values the discount code and same-day payout structure.
  • Katrina M (US): Chooses TPT as her preferred firm for its monthly promotions, low reset and activation fees, and exceptional customer service.

Why Choose TakeProfitTrader over Trading with Personal Funds

Choosing TakeProfitTrader over trading with personal funds presents several distinct benefits that cater to the needs of futures traders at various levels of experience. Here’s a breakdown of the advantages:

  • Immediate Access to Profits: Unlike trading with personal funds where the availability of profits might be tied to various conditions, TakeProfitTrader allows traders to withdraw profits from day one, with no set date for processing withdrawals, ensuring liquidity and financial flexibility.
  • Structured Pricing Based on Account Size: Account sizes with TakeProfitTrader range from $25,000 to $150,000, with pricing structured accordingly. This flexibility allows traders to select an account size that matches their comfort level and trading strategy, without the immediate financial burden that comes with using personal funds. Additionally, the use of promo codes, such as ‘CFT’ for a 50% discount, offers further financial relief and incentive.
  • Support and Resources: Trading with TakeProfitTrader grants access to a comprehensive knowledge base and help center, providing traders with answers to frequently asked questions and guidance. This level of support is instrumental in navigating the complexities of futures trading, which might not be readily available when trading with personal funds.

The combination of these factors makes TakeProfitTrader an attractive option for those looking to engage in futures trading without the direct financial risks and limitations associated with using personal funds.


What is the typical daily earning for day traders with $10,000 accounts? Day traders with $10,000 accounts can expect to make an average of a five percent gain on a good day, which amounts to $500. However, it’s important to remember that this figure does not take into account the fixed costs such as broker commissions, which can significantly reduce profits. Traders must generate enough returns to cover these additional costs.

Can you explain the 50 execution rule in take profit trading? For PRO account traders, there is a limitation of no more than 50 executions per trading day. An execution refers to any completed transaction, regardless of the order size. For instance, whether you purchase one contract or fifteen contracts in a single order, it will only count as one execution.

What are some tips to maximize profits in trading? To increase your net profitability in trading, consider the following eight tips:

  1. Avoid overtrading to prevent excessive risk-taking.
  2. Avoid under-trading and missing out on potential opportunities.
  3. Manage your losses effectively to minimize their impact.
  4. Simplify your trading approach for better clarity and efficiency.
  5. Trade methodically to reduce emotional decision-making.
  6. Identify your strengths and weaknesses to improve your strategy.
  7. Focus on strategies that have proven successful for you.
  8. Be willing to reassess and modify your approach if necessary.

What are the most effective strategies for taking profits in trading? Some of the best strategies for taking profits in trading include:

  • Trend following exits, which utilize moving averages to determine when to exit a trade.
  • ATR trailing stops, which use the Average True Range to set a moving exit point.
  • Exiting trades based on support and resistance levels.
  • Using divergence signals to identify potential market reversals and exit positions.
  • Time-based exits that involve closing positions after a certain period.
  • Candlestick patterns that can signal an opportune time to exit.
  • Fundamental analysis to inform exit decisions based on economic data and news.